Donated Books & Materials

Help Us Share and Preserve our Nation’s Heritage!


Since the Museum of Military History first began as the humble "Veterans Tribute" at the Osceola Square Mall in March of 2003, it has acquired numerous military artifact donations that are uniquely personal to the local Veterans who once used them. Starting with just a traveling Vietnam memorial wall and two uniforms, the museum has grown into a 10,000 square feet collection. 


With exhibits covering the American military’s course of history, from the Revolution to the current War on Terrorism, our displayed artifacts range from combat-used military vehicles, uniforms, and firearms to the cherished personal items that once motivated American service members to carry on in the darkest of times. Each item tells powerful stories of grandeur, valor, and honor to aid the future generations in understanding the meaning of sacrifice and selfless service. When not on display, our artifacts, archival collections, and rare books are housed in climate-controlled facilities to ensure their long-term preservation.


The staff of the Museum of Military History understands that donating physical items is often deeply personal. Sometimes, these items might become heirlooms to be passed down through the generations of your family but may currently reside in storage. As an option, the Museum offers to take in items on “loan” for a temporary amount of time. When you wish to retrieve your loaned items, you MUST give the museum  at least a 48-hour notice before arrival and the proper paperwork presented.


When donating or placing an item(s) on loan to the museum, please be aware that not all items are acceptable for the museum’s collection. Below is a list of qualifications and standards that the museum uses to decide if a donation is acceptable:

Museum Do’s

  • Donated items that are poorly preserved with intentions to restore them,  however there is no guarantee.
  • Duplicate items and books are accepted by the museum to be added to its Collection and Library. 
  • Unsolicited books and artifacts are acceptable, however please contact us in advance to determine if your artifacts are appropriate for the Museum & Library. 

Museum Do Not’s

  • The Museum cannot appraise items that are donated, loaned, or brought into the museum.
  • We do not guarantee that all items will be put on display as we rotate our artifacts every six months to allow for new content.
  • We do not purchase any items or artifacts.
  • We do not accept dangerous or hazardous materials including: unexploded ordnance (UXO & UO) or artifacts containing chemicals or materials such as asbestos. 
    • If you have live ammunition or unexploded ordnances that you wish to get rid of, please contact your local sheriff's office to have them disposed of properly.

Please contact the Museum & Library before attempting to make any kind of donation. As always, the Museum of Military History looks forward to working with you and your family to preserve your contribution to our Nation's heritage.

Thank You