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National Military Brats Day

April 30, 2020

The phrase “military brat” is one long associated with the family members of those in uniform. It can be used in a derogatory sense, but in recent decades the phrase has been used more to self-identify as being part of a military family.

The connotations of being a military brat include the expectation that military families move often, may have difficulty setting down roots in any one area because of duty requirements, and the potential for extended stays overseas for the same reason. Military brats experience frequent school changes, make friends and acquaintances all over the world, and experience regular major life changes due to the shifting nature of military life.

Military Brats Day is a holiday created at the grassroots level and has been celebrated on April 30th since its inception.

According to a variety of sources, Military Brats, Inc. founded National Military Brats Day in 2016 and is part of a move to convince lawmakers to make the holiday a federally recognized one.

April is also the Month of the Military Child so it’s fitting that Americans should pay tribute to military families and military brats in particular at the end of the month.