Taking the Tour

As you navigate through the museum’s digital tour, please keep in mind that this is not the “official” tour of the museum as there are many other artifacts and exhibits to observe other than what is provided in this app. The digital tour that you are about to embark on is very different from the tours given by the museum’s docents. However, we encourage you to partake in the guided tours when offered in the museum, as the docents’ expert knowledge and first-hand accounts of military service offer far more than what this digital tour can offer. The purpose of this app and its content is to highlight some of the interesting artifacts, service members, and bits of history that you will not find in any of your academic textbooks, being taught in your history class. Please take time to enjoy the museum artifacts, displays, touch screens, and videos while traveling in between each digital tour site.

smart phone app

Accessing the Phone App

To access the Museum's Phone app is simple as there are two methods that you can use while visiting the Museum:


FIRST: If you are viewing this screen by means of a laptop, desktop, or tablet at the museum, you will need to ask a Museum Associate for the phone app link.

SECOND: If you are using your iPhone, just use your phone's  camera to scan this QR Code and press the link when it appears on your screen to have the Museum's phone app brought up through your phone's web-browser. If you are using an Andriod or other type of Smart Phone, you will need to download a QR Scanner app to your device before scanning.

Phone App Navigation

While touring the Museum, You will see various green tags attached to various artifacts and vehicles. To access the information, simply scan ANY of the QR Codes, like this example, using your iPhone's camera or your QR Scanner app. Once scanned, your smart phone's web-browser will open-up to the artifact's digital location.

Oncell QR Code

Video Buttons


When pressing ANY buttons or tabs with a video feed attached to it, you will be directed to a separate tab that will open the video in YouTube. To return to the Phone App, you can press the back arrow at the bottom of your web browser on your cell phone or smartphone to be redirected back to the previous app screen.

If you wish to view a different artifact, you either scan the displayed artifact's QR Code, use the "SITES" button at the bottom of the screen to access the Site Directory, or use the "KEYPAD" button to access the numerical input screen to be redirected to an artifact of your desire.


Don't Forget!

Once you have experienced all the wonders of the Museum of Military History and its Digital Tour Guide, please take a moment to share that experience with us. Your experience is important to us and is vital to our growth. If you have any photos you wish to share with the Museum's website or social media, please submit them to

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